M. Tech. in Mechanical Engineering

Production engineering is a 2-years postgraduate course concerned with manufacturing technology, the main objective of which is to accomplish the manufacturing processes effectively and efficiently.

Curriculum of Production engineering encompasses the contents with engineering materials, machining technology, casting technology, physical and mechanical joining processes, tool engineering, manufacturing systems, metrology, automation and Rapid manufacturing.

In a typical industry, once the design is realized, this study concept regarding work-study, operation research, ergonomics, tooling, materials management, production planning, manufacturing management, transportation etc., play important roles in efficient production processes.

Production engineers can avail excellent job opportunities in varied fields of manufacturing firms, hospitals, banks, finance, public utilities, agriculture, wholesale and retail trade, construction, transportation, and government.

These graduates can work as plant engineers, quality engineers, manufacturing engineers, process engineers, and industrial managers in different private and public sector industries in addition to researcher and academicians.

With a degree in production engineering, you are probable to get jobs in automobile industries, food processing industries, manufacturing industries, IT companies, and construction industries, some refining industries and many other government and private departments.

Duration: 2 years divided into 4 semesters

Admission criterion

A candidate must have passed B.Tech./ B.E. or equivalent examination in Mechanical Engg./ Production Engg./ Industrial Engg./ Mechanical & Industrial Engg./ Industrial Production Engg./ Production & Industrial Engg. or equivalent from a recognized University.